Top 3 reasons you should use baby sleeping bags & which tog you should use

Top 3 reasons you should use baby sleeping bags & which tog to use.

baby wearing panda sleeping bag

Why should I use sleeping bags?
1. Safe Sleep

There are an endless amount of positives to using sleeping bags. The biggest reason being safety!

Sleeping bags are designed to stop babies accidentally covering their heads while they are sleeping, as we all know they are little wrigglers!

This removes a possible SIDS risk associated with using loose blankets.
2. They keep baby warm and snug

Another benefit to using sleeping bags is they keep a constant temperature. They can't be kicked off like a blanket can.

They ensure your baby is at the optimal temperature throughout the whole night. Which can even make babies sleep better! 

As a new parent, I know that all we want is a good nights sleep, so this might just be the way!

3. They can help with sleeping through the night

As well as doing so by maintaining temperature. They are also key to a successful bedtime routine.

As soon as I put the sleeping bag on my daughter, she recognises that its bedtime and will sleep the entire night!

Ive even started to use them during nap times and I've had success! They are snug on her chest which gives her a sense of security and she is now a perfect sleeper!

Which tog should I use?

0.5 tog baby sleeping bag

These are perfect for the summer months, when the nursery is between 21-27 degrees celsius.

You can also choose to put a vest underneath or may want to opt for a long-sleeved vest if you expect the temperature to drop throughout the night.
If the temperature is higher than 27degrees a vest with no sleeping bag is recommended.  
1 tog baby sleeping bag

These are perfect for British spring to summer months when the temperatures are between 21-24 degrees celsius.

On the warmer nights when its 21-24 degrees celsius they should be fine with a vest underneath.

On the cooler nights between 18-21 degrees celsius then a baby grow with feet underneath is ideal. 

2.5 tog baby sleeping bag

These thicker sleeping bags are made for autumn and winter months when the temperature falls between 15-21 degrees celsius.

When its 18-21 degrees celsius a vest with long arms underneath should be enough.

For colder nights between 15-18 degrees celsius pop a vest and baby grow underneath to keep them cosy. 

flora flamingo baby sleeping bag 2.5 tog

Which sleeping bag do you recommend?

We stock some great sleeping bags from a range of brands.

They are all top quality, totally safe with the essential fastenings, and also very stylish.

My personal favourite is our luxury  White Linen 'Baby Love' Sleeping Bag.

The sizes range from newborn to 24months and they can be used from birth (minimum weight 4kg). 

We stock 0.5 Tog -2.5 Tog


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